Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Merged Projects

I spent tonight merging projects together with the Mud Designer. Previously all of the editors where contained within a different project, segregating each editor from another, but this created issues when trying to debug the project and test features, as the Zone Builder would place its files within its debug folder, then the Realm Explorer couldn’t see them due to being in a different project directory.

This has been fixed by moving all editors and the engine itself, into a single project. I was actually surprised to see the project file size be reduced from 3.9mb to 575k, not that it really matters now-a-days, but that was something i hadn’t expected.

Some of the items within the project is broken due to the change, as this was a pretty heavy overhaul. All of the namespaces have been restructured and editors that where previously calling files to load (like the Realm Explorer executing the Zone Builder.exe) are now working in a hacky manor until i get something better setup, which shouldn’t be to long. Hopefully by the end of the week I will have the Realm, Zone an Room editors all synced up and ready for a preview Release on Codeplex.


  1. I can't wait. ^_^ I've been waiting for a good MUD editor for ages. Must be a lot of work on your part through. I've got a pretty limited knowledge of coding (just Java and PHP), but jeez, it would take me beyond ages to code. =P

  2. Hey thanks, it's nice to hear back from people who read my blog.