Sunday, January 3, 2010

A New Year

Now that the holiday season is over I can spend more time focusing on developing on the Mud Designer, as I know that I’ve been slacking on it over the last two months. There are several things that I am wanting to work on over the next couple of months and I’ve started working on them today.

I setup a forum online so that people using the toolkit can communicate with each other and I can hopefully get some feedback from those using it. I can see that the source code is being downloaded and so I know there’s people checking it out, but I haven’t heard from anyone on it yet. I’m hoping this fixes that issue. It can be accessed HERE

Next I want to finish up the Zone builder, and flesh out the Room designer some. Button it all up to make it work good and get some documentation wrote on it. Once that’s done I’ll work on building an offline runtime for users to play test their mud environments, and then start working on a preview release that I can upload to the codeplex site.

There’s a lot of things I have planned over the next couple of months and I’m hoping that I can get them implemented and some feedback from the users using the software via the website.

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