Sunday, October 25, 2009

Amazon feeling the pressure

Acording to Slashdot, Amazon is prepping a Windows PC application that will allow windows users to read their Kindle books on their Windows PC, iPhones via Kindle for iPhone or the Kindle device.

This is an interesting twist, and something that I’ve felt Amazon has needed to do for quiet some time. Major players such as Google, Sony and Barnes & Noble are competing in the eBook market and Amazon I’m sure will be risking costumers if they do not follow suit and provide a desktop application for reading eBooks.

Personally for the cost of the Barnes & Noble Nook, Sony eReader or Amazon’s Kindle people can purchase an iPod Touch for less money, and download for free the Kindle of iPhone and download the Barnes & Noble for iPhone, both of which will read the entire library of Google Bookes, Barnes & Noble books and any other website that supports the widely popular ePub format.

Amazon is going to see some serious competition from Sony, Barnes & Noble and Google, and will have to offer ePub as a supported format on their Kindle device if they want to compete.

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