Saturday, October 24, 2009

Blogging\Tweeting from anyplace.

I spent the night setting up my laptop and iPhone so I can blog and tweet from them both while I'm at home or out and about doing things. For tweeting I have three different twitter apps on my iphone but found that Tweet Deck works best on the phone.

They have Tweet Deck iPhone and Tweet Deck PC, and between the two I am able to update my twitter account, and monitor the people I follow without much of a haste. Both applications are free to download and use which is a plus.

For RSS reading, I used Google Reader to act as a hub, allowing me to store all my RSS feeds there, then I downloaded RSS Bandit for Windows and monitor my feeds from my desktop as RSS Bandit allows for Google Reader synchronizing. For the iPhone I downloaded RSS which synchronizes with Google Reader as well. Now all of my RSS readers are synced together and I have all my basis covered. Like my Twitter apps, both RSS Bandit and RSS are free applications to download and use.

For blogging I use Windows Live Writer to post blogs from my PC, and I use BlogPress to post blogs from my iPhone. While Windows Live Writer is a free download provided by Microsoft, BlogPress costs $2.99. It’s well worth the cost, and there is a free version available HERE to try prior to buying.

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