Saturday, October 24, 2009

Favorite 5 iPhone/iPod Touch Applications

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I currently own 243 iPhone applications, which caught me off guard a little bit when I was reviewing the apps within iTunes tonight. After realizing this, I decided to count the number of apps I actually have installed on the phone. I counted 6 pages, and after doing my math was surprised that the number came to 85. You don’t realize that there’s that many applications installed on your phone until you actually do the math. It’s quiet impressive that the phone runs so smooth with 85 applications sitting on it. Makes me glad that Apple restricts the phone to running only one app at a time. I could see the phone easily becoming lagged down by several memory intense applications running in the background, such as an RSS reader, Tweeter client and streaming radio. The phone would crawl to a stop.

With that having been said I decided I was going to look over my list of installed iPhone apps and plug a couple of them. Five to be exact.

  1. MemoryInfo
    This app works great for quickly clearing the phones memory, I use it several times a day to clear it up and it greatly increases the speed and response time of the phone. As a side benefit it also shows the battery charge remaining and its current state.
  2. Pocket Informant
    For those of you that have a Franklin Day Planner this app works great for letting me create calendar events, todo tasks and it syncs with Google Calendar which makes it even better. I purchased it while it was on sale, but at $12.99 it’s still a pretty good deal considering a Franklin Day Planner will run you roughly $60. They do have a LITE version that’s free, you can give it a test drive before buying it HERE
  3. Pocket Tunes
    I spent the last year waiting for a solid app to come along that let me listen to streaming music in the background while I continue to use my phone for other things, such as sending a text message or reading my RSS feeds. It took 8 months, before I got Pocket Tunes and I have loved every minute of it. It is a little pricey at $6.99, but having the ability to listen to hours of streaming radio from 16,000+ radio stations is the best. Pocket Tunes can only play MP3 or AAC+ content in the background, so not all of the stations in Pocket Tunes can do it, as some are WMA, but for the most part, the stations that I’ve found and enjoyed listening to have all been MP3 or AAC+
  4. Shazam
    Ever been in the car listening to the radio and wanted to know who sings the song that’s currently playing? Shazam takes care of that. Hold the phone against your speaker and it listens and tells you who the artist is, what song is playing, what album its from and even provides links to buy the song in iTunes, watch on YouTube or read the lyrics. It works very nicely.
  5. RSSRunner
    This app works great as a stand alone iPhone rss aggregator, allowing users to search for feeds, import Google Reader feeds and import OPML stored files. It’s free and runs quickly, however if you are wanting to synchronize between Google Reader online, your desktop and iPhone the I prefer using RSS which is also free.

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