Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Small Bumps

As I continued working on the game getting a project going from scratch I realized that I had stripped out the games in-game editor, and would not be able to create the environments from within the game. This was not the ideal solution and so I attempted to get the creator directory added back into my project, but in a way that would allow me to toggle it on or off via a global variable. This way I can simply ship the end product with the creator directory missing and not allow support for modifying the games environments.

I had a problem with the engine crashing when it tried to load the creators UI elements, and I realized that it was probably looking for the customProfiles.cs script that was within the demonstration folders that I had removed, so I created a copy of them and placed them within my projects directory structure, executed them and had the engine go ahead and start loading the UI elements.

Sadly it didn’t get far, it still crashes but further down the line, when it tries to load the Lighting UI elements. I’m going to spend some time tomorrow looking at what files I might be missing to cause this too. Once I get the creator up and running, my User Interface design can begin.

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