Thursday, October 22, 2009

Microsoft, Apple & Google

It's pretty unclear when it comes to the future of these three companies, regarding what they'll be doing 20 years from now. In the mobile world, Google has the Android phone and an open development model that will ensure a nice large sum of applications being available across all of the handsets Android powers, but Googles android reminds me a lot of how Linux is. Its open source, available on many devices, but missing the glitz that the iPhone and Apple have succeeded in obtaining. Android will confuse people as they will ask cell phone sales personel, "why do you carry 4 different Android phones? Don't they all do the same?" The answer to that will be a stern no. Each manufacture will design the interface and apps to suite what they feel should be on the phone. So Sussies Android based phone will not have the same functionality as Bobbies. However, Alex and Jason's iPhones will work the same and come with the exact same apps.
What about Microsoft and its Windows Mobile platform? It's a dieing OS, and is badly in need of a replacement. Microsoft needs to abandon the platform in favor of something more user friendly. Something like a Zune based phone. Something glitzy and fast. With the .Net framework and XNA developers will have an easy way of developing cross platform applications and games for Windows 7 and Zune devices. Apples iPhone SDK requires a OS X based system to develop on while both Android and Windows Zune can be developed on Windows, Mac and Linux (Zune via Mono.NET)
Windows is loosing ground in the mobile industry, with Apple, Google and RIM pushing the boundries with each new handset released. Microsoft has taken a standard Windows approach to their mobile platform without taking into consideration the things people really need in a smartphone. They supply an OS that's 5 years old with a face lift.
In 5 years i bet Apple will still be on top, but google and its android will be right there with them, and Microsoft will be considering if they should pull out or trash Mobile for a new approach. If they want to compete, a Zune phone would be the way to go.

Only time will tell.

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