Sunday, November 8, 2009

Mobile Signatures

I'm not sure what other peoples takes on the topic is, but I like attaching a signature with the content I send/post from my iPhone. A lot of the apps you download automatically attach a signature for you, although I tend to edit the signature to remove any app references from it unless I really like that app. I try to keep a generic Sent from my iPhone signature.

Why do it though? A lot of us have socialized our lives via outputs such as Facebook and Twitter, everyone knows what everyone else is doing, where they're at and now they can know what app they're using to do their socializing. I don't really see it as a bad thing, as I use signatures on all of my out going mail, blogs and other methods of communication that supports it, such as auto-reply features of an MSN client. Message from iPhone. I'm AFK and will reply shortly.

Brings me back to my question. Why should I do it? Personally, people are accustomed to instant communication or fast responses. Attaching a signature to an email showing I'm on my phone is a way of showing the mail recipient my response will/can be delayed due to me being mobile. An indication I'm not at my desk and probably busy. It's another form of AFK that I can use. There's other reasons I use it too, and I'll use my blog as an example. Typing lengthy blog post can be difficult on a mobile platform. No spell checking. No grammer checking. No URL checking. Attaching a mobile signature to the post will inform people that hey I was mobile so it's goin to have typos

Do I like using signatures? Yes. Is it a good idea to? I'll leave that up to each individual to decide.

- Posted from my iPhone

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