Sunday, November 8, 2009

Re-thinking the Room Designer

In my quest to keep things simple, I’m beginning to wonder if I am taking to correct approach with the Room Designer. Currently it’s UI is designed to allow for dragging and dropping existing rooms onto the current rooms doors, allowing them to be instantly linked together. That feature works out pretty nicely, but now I’ll have to include a list of all the realms, zones and rooms within the room designer. It’s not that big of a deal to add, it would really just take a couple minutes to implement, but I was trying to keep objects created with each editor separate from other objects unless they are parent of another object. An example would be that the Room designer can’t touch anything related to Zones, but Zones can display and load various details about the Rooms it contains. With how the room UI is designed at the moment it means the Room editor will need to interact with the Zones and Realms.

Should I just build a Room Designer, then allow the Zone edit to link rooms together? Or let the Room Designer handle it… I’m not to sure yet.

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