Monday, November 9, 2009

Room Designer & Zone Builder thoughts

I've spent a good chunk of time thinking on a different way to develop the Room & Zone editors, and I think I've figured out the best method for it.

When you break the two editors down, it's actually fairly easy to come up with a design plan. The Room Editor is just that, a Room Editor. Build rooms and add the content needed to fill the room. Does it have doors? Add doors if needed. Building a room shouldn't consist of linking two rooms together. That's what the Zone Editor should do, as it is a collection of linked rooms.

I've decided that the Room editor will let users add doorways for specific directions, then let the zone editor connect the doorways to other rooms.
With this approach I can now adjust my Room Editor UI to allow for tabbed editing, letting users create multiple rooms at once, similar to how Visual Studio works.

The Zone Editor will allow you to link rooms together by connecting them the each rooms available doorway.

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