Thursday, November 5, 2009

A night of coding

Spent a good chunk of tonight working on the re-design of the Mud Creator, and decided I am going to re-name the toolkit while I’m at it. It’s now called the Mud Designer, and I have created the Editor HUB and began work on the Project Manager. The Project Manager saves the project settings when the editor is closed, and loads them when the app is launched.

All of the apps are being wrote to be independent of each other, with a lot of care being taken with the HUB so that it is not a required component to run the other editors. Each editor can be launched on its own without any adverse effects on the project, since they are all kept separate from each other.

This time around I am focusing on reducing the amount of code needed to run the editors. Searching for ways to re-use code, so I can prevent a lot of re-work. The Mud Creator was riddled with duplicate code all over the place and it was clear that the project was a mess when I opened the designer and began scanning over 3,000 lines of code. I’m hoping with splitting the project up into multiple independent editors like I am, the source files will remain fairly small and light which will make it easier to maintain and update.

I also managed to get the project uploaded to a new CodePlex site tonight. It can be viewed HERE.

The source code for the project has been uploaded to the Codeplex SVN and since I uploaded it tonight I’ve commited 2 additional versions of it with modifications and bug fixes. I’m hoping to spend this weekend fleshing out the project manager and get the currency editor up and running, then it’s off to next week and the development of the Realm Builder, Zone Editor and Room Designer, all of which will take a few weeks to complete and will require some thought on how I want to build the UI for these apps.

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