Saturday, November 21, 2009

Seeking an XNA Team.

I posted a new topic on the creators club today seeking developers to join a new team, and build an editor for creating 3D games using XNA. The editor will be the sole source of editing for 3rd party users using it, as they won’t ever need to develop in Microsofts Visual C# like XNA requires you to. Instead, we will implement Managed Scripting into it, and provide developers with a real time script setup allowing them to develop their games from within the editing environment.

So the UI is already being designed by myself, and as team members join, it will get tweaked as suggestions roll in. I’m currently setting up the scripting engine to run with it, and I’m going to take the Unreal Engine approach with it. I have a BaseObject class that all scripts will inherit from, and I think I will have a DrawableObject and GameObject class that inherits from it as well. Then developers can decide which object their script will inherit from. DrawableObject will inherit GameDrawableComponent and GameObject will inherit GameComponent from within XNA, allowing any script wrote to be initialized via the Component’s Initialize() methods.

Next I am going to work on Content importing. This is something I want included in the editor engine instead of the editor itself, so that any game using the engine can import content during runime if it wants to, allowing for custom 3rd party content such as avatars or skins to be added to their games without the developers of the game needing to ship the game editor with their product.

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