Thursday, November 5, 2009

The MUD Tool Kit HOME app

The MUD Creator tool kit is going to feature a HOME application that can be launched. It will allow users to create a list of tasks that they need to complete with their MUDs and provide them with a proper workflow for how to build their MUDs. I will list all of the editors in the order that I feel would work best for creating your game, starting out at editor #1 and ending at edtor #14 and having the game ready to go.
The HOME won't offer any project specific options that can be edited, and won't tie into any of the tool kits tools so developers won't worry about an update to an editor breaking the HOME or a custom Room editor being used and breaking the work flow.
The task list will let developers create a list of tasks such as "Force the Elven Paladins to only start out in the Bekang Realm". It can serve as notes and reminders for the developer to make adjustments and changes. A possible log system might be put in place as well to monitor changes made to game objects and make note of the changes, developers can then scan the log and pull out what Ganges it would like to include in his/her release notes when they release a new version of their MUD.

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