Friday, November 6, 2009

Thoughts on Scripts & design conepts

I've been putting a lot of thought into the idea of using my Managed Scripting engine with the Mud Designer. It would be a nice feature to have so MUD developers can extend on the engine, but I'm starting to not see the point in it. It's open source. Developers have unrestricted access to the toolkit source and so thus don't really need a scripting engine.
Another reason i think I will avoid it is due to the added level of complexity with coding the designer. The whole point of the re-write is to build the designer and the engine using clean simple code that can be easily read and modified when needed. Generating code during runtime within the editors for script engine compiling would create a mess internally.

I'm quiet pleased with the progress I made last night. The Project Manager started out with one design and ended the night with a different approach. The initial decision was to use text boxes for all of the project settings, but I was worried that would clutter the UI up and make it harder to add additional features in the future without re-organizing the UI to fit new things in. I decided instead to use a PropertyGrid control, which allows me to freely add or remove project setting options from within the Project Information class and not have to touch the UI to add the new feature. This was a feature used heavily in the Mud Creator, however I'm trying to avoid having the editors rely only on PropertyGrids. This time around the Grids will be used to help keep things clean, but will not be the only method used to create game content. Using it as an aid for various options rather than relying on it for everything is nice, as now I can build editors to generate game content in an easier manor than propertygrids allowed.
I'm going to spend this afternoon doing some thinking on how I want the Realms, Zones and Rooms to be designed internally and how they will interact with eachother so I can better plan my UI designs when I'm ready.

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