Saturday, November 28, 2009

RIP Visual Designer

I had to delete both the Visual Designer and the Visual Components projects from the MUD Designer Solution tonight. I was tired of trying to manage two different sets of editors for the same project, and had to make a decision. Which would be the easiest to build, and let me get something to the community fastest? The current setup, as the Visual Designer was going to rather elaborate and take awhile to work on, although it would be less code in the end, and probably easier to maintain, it was going to take to long to implement all of the dynamic components of the engine.

The current setup is quickly getting someplace, as tonight I managed to get the Realm Explorer built, Zone Builder started and Room Designer stable. The Realm Explorer allows users to launch the Zone Builder to build rooms that they can place within Realms. The Zone Builder lets users launch the Room Designer and create Rooms for the Zones to hold.

At the moment, both the Zone Builder and Room Designer is accessible via the Mud Designer Main Window, but once I get the Realm and Zone Builder in a stable state, I will remove the Zone Builder and Room Designer from the Mud Designer window. Users will access them in a hierarchical fashion, starting by launching the Realm Explorer.

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