Sunday, November 15, 2009

Mud Designer hang ups

More changes for the Mud Designer are planned, as the re-build continues. Change set 40304 introduced a new Project called Visual Designer that is a test project of mine. I get tired of the same Windows Look & Feel that all of the editors currently have, and I wanted something more disconnected from a standard windows application, and so enter Visual Designer.

Visual Designer makes heavy use of  the Managed Scripting engine I wrote and released. It uses it to instance objects and access their properties in a visual way. However the current design is just for testing purposes, it’s working out pretty nicely. I’m planning on the engine being script based, and having the IDE generate Hybrid Scripts that the script engines hybrid compiler will use. It will allow me to generate C# scripts that can be stored and loaded allowing for it’s objects to be edited once again.

One last note that I want to make is that I’m looking into using the WheelMud engine as the Designers engine source instead of developing my own. It appears to be a solid engine already miles ahead of something I would write, and seems pretty flexible.

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